Why My Baby?! is a monthly support group for individuals that have lost a child or grandchild to violence or prison. The group serves as a chance for individuals to surround themselves with those who can relate to their situation, share stories, and gain emotional support.

Have you tragically lost a child or grandchild by death or prison?
Surround yourself with others who share similar difficulties. Why My Baby?! is here for you twice a month.

Feel free to join us in-person or via Zoom.


When: The last Monday of every month at 6 PM

Where: 292 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY

Virtual Support Group Session:

When: Third Saturday of every month at 3 PM

Where: Online via Zoom
Meeting ID-88155579988, Code-RTP
Call/Text Sirena Cotton @ 585-820-4049

How to Join:

Walk-ins are welcome, but to stay notified, call Sirena Cotton at 585-820-4049 or email business@rocthepeace.com.